Five days at a Jain wedding…

…is an epic photographic mission to undertake. There was ritual, colour, many characters and above all a lot of happiness!


Neeral’s Mendhi was the most elaborate I’ve ever seen. The illustration represented the couple, with the bride closing her eyes dreaming what the groom would look like on the day of the wedding. The henna artist had the flowers on the Chuni (cloth that covers the brides head) depicting the stars in the dream. The Mendhi took 7 hours to decorate both her hands and feet.


Hair and make up took up to 2 hours daily and sometimes twice a day…


Grannies and great aunts whispering before the Saturday blessing.






The bride and groom departed the final wedding day in a Rolls Royce but not before a bargaining ceremony ensued where her family sort payment for her ‘release’…

Jainism is a minority world religion, estimated at barely 5 million worldwide that prescribes a path of non-violence towards all living beings. It emphasizes total equality and spiritual independence between all forms of life. A philosophy, perhaps that we could all learn from..


Nairobi’s Oshwall Centre, where a hub of activity happens around the Jain community.

*The Jains were the silent heroes that pulled Kenya through the Westgate attack in September 2013.