The past eight weeks have offered a spate of assignments from one end of the spectrum to the other. Four destination weddings, photography for an international school, a reportage on heroine addicts, portraits of sex workers who use drugs, a mobile horse safari camp and the album cover for a Kenyan boy band (on going this week). Amazing. As diverse as they seem, however, each one connects as human story and I’m so lucky to have been given the job to illustrate each one of them.
Picture above: Adija Kwakere sits in a room in her home where she receives clients. Adija is a sex worker and is also addicted to smoking ‘Kokteli’s’ a mixture of cannabis, tobacco and heroine.


Kids delight on their tea break at the International School of Kenya (ISK).

DSC_4188 copy

Children play in rose petals, the aftermath of a beautiful wedding in Takaungu along the Kenyan coast.

The Cave Complete

A bride, stands in one of the Vipingo caves. A secret and endangered area with a surrounding coral forest that the Mijikenda have conducted ancestor worship in for decades.

DSC_7405 copy 2

Chungweni Isufu is 45 years old and is a sex worker. She is addicted to smoking ‘Kokteli’s’ a mixture of cannabis, tobacco and heroine.

This is part of a wider series of portraits of sex workers who use drugs and will be shown within the coming months. Taken in Dar es Salaam in collaboration with Medecins Du Monde.

DSC_0490 copy

Finally, in typical Kenyan safari style, hot water is poured into a basin on the verandah of a tent, very early morning in the Masai Mara.

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