The 5 Day B&W Challenge

The Challenge was 5 images in 5 days and nominating 5 other photographers…bw-4Day 1:
Dalmas Otieno lost his leg in childhood. He is a dancer with PAMOJA dance group and he also swims competitively. Photo taken at the conservatoire in Nairobi.‪#‎FiveDayBlackAndWhiteChallenge‬

bw-5Day 2:
I documented the birth of my friends little girl.
The newborn was immediately placed onto her mother from the birthing pool, covered by a warm towel and this is the moment she let out her first cry.
bwaDay 3:

Photo taken in a drug den in Dar es Salaam. The man in the foreground is the dealer who is distributing small pockets of heroine for the first ‘hit’ of the day. These drug users are ‘smokers’ and will put together a ‘Kokteli’ which is a mixture of heroine, cannabis and tobacco. It is estimated that there are up to 50,000 drug users in Dar es Salaam alone. The desperation in the men’s faces, I find chilling.

bw-2Day 4:
A boy is cooled down at a muay Thai flight in Bangkok. In bouts of 3 minute rounds, the sport allows the fighter to strike with fists, elbows, knees and feet. The child fighters who make it to Bangkok are revered by many and have a chance of earning a good wage.

6 copyThe 5th and final day of ‪#‎FiveDayBlackAndWhiteChallenge‬:

Men herd Zebu (Malagasy for cow) through the Avenue of The Baobabs in Morondava, Madagascar. The trees known locally as Renala (mother of the forest) reach 30 metres in height and are up to 800 years old. Desperately, the land surrounding the trees has been affected by heavy deforestation, as has most of the country.
Photo taken on an IMAX production in Madagascar 2012.