Fire & Water Ceremony

Trawling through archives, I stumbled on this!

In 2012 Ol ari Nyiro Ranch in Laikipia, Kenya hosted a Fire and Water ceremony conducted by Japanese Shinnyo-en priests and their holy leader Shinso Ito. The sacred Buddhist ritual was combined with Samburu Warriors, Turkana elders, Pokot villagers , contemporary African dancers souped up in a choreographed display involving water, fire and animal symbology. Spiritual world leaders, musicians, elders, artists, and poets watched from an amphitheater looking over a dam where a row boat with a tree growing out of it floated. The Shinnyo-en ceremony has been conducted all over the world from Honolulu to Berlin and is meant to deeply inspire compassion – for all life forms. This one in the Great Rift Valley had a special focus on elephants.


Shinnyo-en priests conduct the fire ceremony. _DSC5631-2 Painted Pokot boys begin their dance. The Fire and Water Ceremony was produced by Shinnyo-en and partnered with The Global Peace Initiative of Women. Sveva Gallmann was the creative director and artists from around the globe came to collaborate with the event. Enjoy the slideshow…

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