An epic shoot

Giant baobab tree’s, 14thth century ruins, thirsty buffalo, sand spits, jeeps, stars like you’ve never seen, boats, aircraft, dolphins, an orphaned baby water buck, an island, mangroves, friends, Ker & Downey safari tents and amongst it all; Gemma married Sean.


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Sean and Gemma’s wedding was an epic shoot in a place of extreme beauty. Married on the remote Northern side of Manda Island, the beginning of the Lamu Archipelago that stretches to Somalia. Arab settlers and Chinese Junks from around the 14th century left the islands with archeological treasures both in the water and out. The wildlife is everywhere and marine life diverse. They married under a giant baobab around the Takwa ruins.

gs-50gs-9It was certainly one of the most beautiful weddings I have

There’s something about such legendary Kenyan weddings that nothing else matches. Thank you Manda Bay and the Ker and Downey crew and Sean and Gemma for having me there to photograph.

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