‘I have a farm in Africa’..

..I photographed for Denmark’s Børsen ~ Pleasure Magazine, an editorial piece on Anja du Toit and her extraordinary life in Africa.


The shoot lasted 2 days beginning at Anja’s farm, a 22 acre property in one of the oldest houses in Karen, a suburb in Nairobi. Karen is named after Karen Blixen, the Danish author most famous for the book Out of Africa which subsequently adapted into the highly acclaimed award winning motion picture.


Anja and her day to day life in Kenya made for a great documentary/portrait piece. Along with her 4 Great Danes, 29 horses, colonial manor, family of 2 beautiful children and her husband Mike, she also runs a business of horseback safaris. For the second part of the shoot, we made our way south of Nairobi to Lake Magadi.


The dramatic scenery surrounding the soda lake, made for a stunning shoot, involving 5 of her horses, a mass of Masai onlookers and a plethora of donkeys.


The above are more from the story that didn’t make the final cut into Børsen