my Zebra work & Chantecaille

Grevy's Zebra's in Northern Kenya. It’s estimated that there are only 2,800 of them left on planet earth. With less than 1% of their range currently protected, they are on the iucn red list of threatened species.

I had the privilege to collaborate with Chantecaille, the luxury botanical and cosmetic beauty brand based out of New York with hundreds of stores worldwide.

Chantecaille gives back to the planet through a multitude of collaborations with conservation organizations protecting critically endangered species and habitats. Coral reefs, orphaned elephants, cheetahs, hummingbirds, butterflies are just a few of their causes. I worked extensively with two of the organizations that Chanetcaille collaborate with ~ The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust & The Grevy’s Zebra Trust. The beauty brand was looking for an image to fit the cover of their Zebra Luminescent Eye Shade and they chose one of my images of the critically endangered Grevy’s Zebra for this purpose.